Is a Whole-Home Dehumidifier Right for Me?

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We can all agree that strong humidity and adverse weather conditions are horrible. One of the best ways to combat these situations is by installing a whole-home dehumidifier, especially if you don’t want to put a dehumidifier in every room. For any homeowner, whether their place of living is big or small, making the right choice about permanent installations is … Read More

Reasons Your Dishwasher May Be Clogged in the Greater Sacramento Area

Reasons Your Dishwasher May Be Clogged

Dishwasher clogs are quite different from typical clogs as it’s more difficult to see the clog developing. That means you may not notice a clog until it’s too late. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why your dishwasher could be clogged, and one of those reasons is a plumbing issue like a broken sewer line. At Ace Plumbing Heating and Air … Read More

Most Popular Types of Water Efficient Faucets in the Greater Sacramento area

Most Popular Types of Water Efficient Faucets

High-efficiency plumbing goes beyond good toilets, sewers, and drains. Therefore, it’s prudent to replace all your plumbing systems with eco-friendly and efficient alternative models to help you cut down on water wastage and save more on water bills. A great example is your household faucets. Your faucet can account for 15 percent of standard indoor water consumption, making it a … Read More

Essential Plumbing Tools Everyone Should Have at Home

Essential Plumbing Tools

There are certain tools homeowners should have on hand, but many do not think about them. Plumbing issues can come up at any time and while it’s always better to call in a plumbing professional, there are certain things you can do to help improve this situation until a plumber can come to your home to make the necessary repairs. … Read More

Common Reasons For A High Water Bill in the Greater Sacramento Area

Common Reasons For A High Water Bill

Many of us know the importance of conserving water as it’s crucial for the environment and our wallets. However, occasionally, you may notice an unusually high water bill due to leaks and issues with your plumbing systems. A high water bill indicates that water is going to waste somewhere in your home. That’s why tracking down the cause and fixing … Read More

How to Choose a New Kitchen Sink in the Greater Sacramento Area

How to Choose a New Kitchen Sink

A brand new kitchen sink is an investment of a lifetime that can completely transform the functionality and style of your kitchen. To ensure you get the sink of your dreams, you need to weigh some factors such as the size, design, material, and features you want. It is also prudent that you contact us at Ace Plumbing Heating and … Read More