Getting to Know Your Home Water Supply

getting know water supply

Your plumbing system is designed to be so effective and efficient that you do not need to think about it most of the time. However, here are a few facts you need on hand about the way your home uses water, and what you can do to protect your access. How Does Water Get to My Home? For your purposes, … Read More

Do I Need Better Water Filtration?

water filter

If you have a newer home, you may already have a complex system of water filtration. If you do not, you can still get effective water filters to improve your water’s quality and taste. Here’s how to know if you should beef up your water filtration, and how to do it. Do I Need Water Filtration? Older homes are not … Read More

What is the Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve on a Water Heater?

Each component of your water heater is designed to help the system efficiently heat water. The temperature/pressure relief (TPR) valve is one of the most important, protecting your home from water and structural damage. With careful maintenance of your TPR valve, you can count on years of safe use of your water heater. How Does the TPR Valve Work? The … Read More

What Does an HVAC Warranty Typically Cover?


When you buy a new piece of equipment for your heating or cooling system, your HVAC technician will discuss the warranty on the machine. You will learn that there are warranties that change over time, and different warranties for certain aspects of the system. Here’s what you need to know about your HVAC warranty. First Year After Purchase Problems in … Read More

What is an Evaporator Coil and How Does It Work?

What is an evaporator coil

In a split-system air conditioner, your evaporator coil is located inside, away from the condenser. This equipment in the shape of an A keeps your home cool and dry all summer long. With this guide, you will know what your evaporator coil does, how to maintain it, common problems and when you need to schedule air conditioning repair. Evaporator Coil … Read More

Sprinkling System Trends for 2017

Sprinkling Trends

It may seem crazy to consider gardening in the winter, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring garden. With a focus on efficiency and practicality, the home irrigation trends for 2017 simplify your life and make caring for your garden even easier. Here are the latest trends in sprinkling systems, with a look to future … Read More

Minimizing Water Damage

Minimizing water damage

You walk into the basement, and it is clearly flooded. You need to act fast to protect the structure of your home and your belongings. Here’s what to do. Shut Off Water Your water heater is often a source of flooding, since it holds a large volume of water at once. When you first discover the flooding, shut off power … Read More

Safe Practices for Your Furnace

Safe furnace practices

You know that your furnace generates heat, but you may not know what kinds of risks are involved. The truth is that there are many things you need to watch out for in your furnace, to maintain a safe home for your family. Ensure Proper Ventilation All of your HVAC appliances require appropriate ventilation. Some parts of the system, such … Read More

Utility Room Safety Tips


Whenever you put fuel and electricity together, you have a potent combination that could become hazardous to your health. You should maintain your utility room with a view to improving your indoor air quality and decreasing the risk of fire. This guide identifies ways that you can minimize hazards in proximity to your electrical and HVAC equipment. Ventilate the Space … Read More