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Plumbing FAQs

  • Pump Up Your Knowledge of Piping - Infographic

    Here's an infographic all about piping.
     ... Click here to read more

  • What is the Temperature/Pressure Relief Valve on a Water Heater?

    Each component of your water heater is designed to help the system efficiently heat water. The temperature/pressure relief (TPR) valve is one of the most important, protecting your home from water and structural damage. With careful maintenance of your TPR valve, you can count on years of safe use of your water heater. ... Click here to read more

  • What Does an HVAC Warranty Typically Cover?

    When you buy a new piece of equipment for your heating or cooling system, your HVAC technician will discuss the warranty on the machine. You will learn that there are warranties that change over time, and different warranties for certain aspects of the system. Here’s what you need to know about your HVAC warranty. ... Click here to read more

  • Sprinkling System Trends for 2017

    It may seem crazy to consider gardening in the winter, but now is the perfect time to start thinking about your spring garden. With a focus on efficiency and practicality, the home irrigation trends for 2017 simplify your life and make caring for your garden even easier. Here are the latest trends in sprinkling systems, with a look to future considerations. ... Click here to read more

  • What is an Evaporator Coil and How Does It Work?

    In a split-system air conditioner, your evaporator coil is located inside, away from the condenser. This equipment in the shape of an A keeps your home cool and dry all summer long. With this guide, you will know what your evaporator coil does, how to maintain it, common problems and when you need to schedule air conditioning repair. ... Click here to read more

  • Getting to Know Your Home Water Supply

    Your plumbing system is designed to be so effective and efficient that you do not need to think about it most of the time. However, here are a few facts you need on hand about the way your home uses water, and what you can do to protect your access. ... Click here to read more

  • Do I Need Better Water Filtration?

    If you have a newer home, you may already have a complex system of water filtration. If you do not, you can still get effective water filters to improve your water’s quality and taste. Here’s how to know if you should beef up your water filtration, and how to do it. ... Click here to read more

  • Minimizing Water Damage

    You walk into the basement, and it is clearly flooded. You need to act fast to protect the structure of your home and your belongings. Here’s what to do. ... Click here to read more

  • Safe Practices for Your Furnace

    You know that your furnace generates heat, but you may not know what kinds of risks are involved. The truth is that there are many things you need to watch out for in your furnace, to maintain a safe home for your family. ... Click here to read more

  • Frozen/Burst Pipes: Now What?

    Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you get a pipe in your plumbing that either freezes or bursts. Anyone who lives in a climate that gets even a little cool risks these sorts of plumbing concerns, and they require quick, appropriate action. Here’s how to tell that you might have frozen pipes, and what you should do about it. ... Click here to read more

  • Utility Room Safety Tips

    Whenever you put fuel and electricity together, you have a potent combination that could become hazardous to your health. You should maintain your utility room with a view to improving your indoor air quality and decreasing the risk of fire. This guide identifies ways that you can minimize hazards in proximity to your electrical and HVAC equipment. ... Click here to read more

  • Follow These 4 Fireplace Safety Tips

    You probably rely on your HVAC equipment to provide most of your heating, but a roaring fire on a cold night is also nice to have. You do not want to put yourself and your family at risk, however, just for an additional heat source. These tips from the experts help you maintain your safety and indoor air quality while you stay warm. ... Click here to read more

  • Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

    The holidays are a time for friends and family to gather at your home, and hopefully not set the place on fire. With these tips, you can keep everyone safe and warm, and maybe even save a little money. ... Click here to read more

  • Does My Furnace Need to Be Replaced?

    Furnace ReplacementMost people do not wait until their furnaces quit working to replace them. Instead, they make the decision based on the overall efficiency of the furnace, in addition to any repair needs. Buying a new furnace is never inexpensive, but you may get better efficiency and lower heating bills by purchasing a new furnace instead of maintaining an old one.  ... Click here to read more

  • Is Duct Cleaning Right for Me?

    Duct CleaningIf you have ever peeked inside your ductwork, you may notice that it can get very dirty. Friends and family members may suggest that you get duct cleaning, but it is not always necessary. Keeping your HVAC system clean and excellent condition requires care from you and your HVAC technician. Here’s how to decide if your home could benefit from duct cleaning.  ... Click here to read more

  • Why is My Furnace So Loud?

    Loud FurnaceFurnaces are known to make some noise during regular function. However, these noises are a sign that you may have a problem. The sound of the furnace turning on and off may be no reason to worry, but anything you hear accompanying the normal activity of the furnace should be investigated to rule out damage and needed repairs.  ... Click here to read more

  • What Are Sealed Combustion Appliances?

    Energy EfficiencyIt may come as no surprise that appliances relying on combustion, such as your furnace or hot water heater, can pose some safety risks. Sealed combustion appliances reduce the risk by changing the source of the air supply. As a result, appliances with sealed combustion are safer, but also more efficient.  ... Click here to read more

  • New Home Maintenance Checklist for Faucets

    New Home Checklist for FaucetsYour home inspection returned no significant concerns for the plumbing. Now that you are moving in, you need to know that each faucet will function as you expect it to do. This handy checklist helps you to identify common problems and make sure your faucets are in good working order as you get settled in.  ... Click here to read more

  • Toilet Designs: Recent Innovations and Cost Comparison

    Toilet DesignsYour toilets have given you many years of faithful service, but it may be time to look for something new. Hold on to your hat, because toilets have come a long way in the past couple of decades. From bidets to smart flushing, music syncing and self-deodorizing, this guide shows you the latest in toilet innovations and a useful cost comparison.  ... Click here to read more

  • How is a Septic System Different from a Sewer System?

    septic vs sewerWhen you buy a new home with a septic system, there are a few things you should know about how it works. With a little care, you can avoid hassle and keep everything flowing correctly. ... Click here to read more