Regulating Home Humidity

Indoor humidity needs to be controlled.

“It’s not the heat that gets you. It’s the humidity.” Humidity does make it feel hotter, and that’s true whether you’re outdoors or sitting inside trying to beat the heat. So how do you control indoor humidity? Ace Plumbing has some tips.   How Much Moisture is Enough? If you’re trying to regulate home humidity, there’s a decent range that’s … Read More

A Quick Guide to Humidifiers


Waking up parched? Suffering from dry mouth? Noticing you sound like Colleen Dewhurst first thing in the morning? Noticing you get sick easier than you used to? Before you call the doctor, make sure the culprit isn’t the dry air in your home. WebMD notes that dry air indoors, especially in the winter time, can lead to a host of … Read More